Professional Waterproofers In Queensland

September 10, 2022

Professional waterproofing services in Queensland

Waterproofing is absolutely essential for buildings of all types.
Properly installed waterproofing prevents water and moisture from entering the structural areas of the building, preventing potential damage before it occurs.
Qld Waterproofers, we have decades of experience in the industry and offer a wide range of quality waterproofing services to our clients throughout the east coast of Queensland in Australia.


We have always believed that prevention is better than cure when building or renovating and waterproofing is a key step in all building and renovation projects. That's why we've worked hard to provide specialized waterproofing services to the residents of Brisbane.

Our team of hardworking and highly skilled waterproofing professionals apply waterproofing membranes to all damp interior and exterior walls.
Whether you need help waterproofing interior or exterior walls in areas such as:

  • Bathroom
  • Showers
  • Laundry room 
  • Balconies
  • Garden beds
  • Retaining walls

Why do you need to waterproof?    

Waterproofing is a home's hidden heart. You can't see it, but you can tell when it's not working properly. Waterproofing is the protective layer applied to floors, walls, balconies, roofs and water features. Its principal function is to keep water in the designated wet areas. Believe it or not, water flows through joints and tiles, and waterproofing is there to catch the rest and let it flow down a drain. We are pleased to offer our services to help install these waterproofing systems. We are trained, qualified and have a passion for quality waterproofing. 

Who do we offer our Brisbane waterproofing services to?

 Qld Waterproofers has been in this industry for years and has worked on numerous waterproofing projects throughout Brisbane.
We offer our services to: 


Guaranteed waterproofing by Qld Waterproofers

We are fully insured and licensed, thus allowing us to provide a full warranty for the waterproofing work that we carry out across the state and in all working environments. We only use and recommend Australian standard products so our customers, such as homeowners, builders and local government agencies, can be confident in the quality. 

About our waterproofing solutions

Our highly skilled team of professionals ensures high-quality and reliable results every time. We use high-quality membrane materials and the latest technology to protect commercial and residential properties from water damage. 

Our waterproofing solutions are quick, effective, and long-lasting, and they're tested the same day, so you don't have to worry. 

Immediate, long-lasting results

With Queensland Interior Linings' team of specialists and high-quality membranes, you can rest assured that our solutions are effective right away - and it means you can be confident in the durability and quality of our work. 

Unbeatable value for money

We use innovative, torch-on, waterproof membranes instead of outdated, traditional techniques that take longer and require more products. Labour costs are reasonable because no re-visits are needed. Enlisting our assistance to defend against water leaks as soon as you notice a problem is significantly less expensive than repairing damage in the future.

Experienced team of waterproofing specialists

Our team combines technical expertise and versatile skills with Queensland Interior Linings' commitment to delivering an excellent range of waterproofing services on time, every time. With years of experience in Brisbane and throughout QLD, we have earned a reputation for top-notch results, professionalism, and dedication to our work. Every technical waterproofing specialist on our team is fully licensed, insured, and an expert in their field. 

The job size doesn't matter

QLD Waterproofers offers solutions for residential and commercial properties and has an extensive portfolio of completed waterproofing projects - waterproofing bathroom walls, waterproofing showers for leaking showers, or waterproofing walls for bathrooms or kitchens renovations to commercial and industrial projects. We place a premium value on developing long-term relationships with our clients.

Maintenance and Repairs in Queensland That we can also carry out


Often homeowners want to enjoy a modern home with the latest quality building materials and designs but don't want to move for various reasons. If you fall into this category, then consider renovating your existing home.

We can provide you with the quality service you expect for your renovation project.  

Window and Door Renovations

We strive to make the carpentry work assigned to us, such as window and door alterations, as simple, unobtrusive, and stress-free as possible. Queensland Interior Linings can help you with any questions about your existing wood windows and frames and, of course, install or replace new windows if needed. Our team carefully respects your needs as you continue to live in your home during the alteration process.

Internal modifications

Internal modifications can take many forms and can be used for any client's desired purpose, from simple closet remodels to large remodels in offices, hotels, etc. The job size does not matter to the craftsmen at Queensland Interior Linings. 

Inspections and maintenance

We also perform site inspections and check how much maintenance is required to complete the job with the best results. In addition, our team has a wealth of knowledge and experience that we share with our clients to ensure they have the information to make the right decisions for them.

Commercial Projects

Our highly professional workers will work with you to deliver targeted results for your commercial spaces, office woodwork, cafes and other commercial projects.

Why us for your renovation?

Our qualified craftsmen offer you:

  • Honest and reliable service
  • We are multi-skilled to complete your home project quickly, so you don't have to deal with days of a mess when we're done. We can install or do alteration on a door or window and paint it the same day.
  • We rely on advanced mathematical skills.
  • We use an intellectual approach and innovative techniques to get the job done.
  • We have physically strong men to help us complete the assigned task.
  • We provide unparalleled attention to detail.
  • We are ready to solve any problem for the benefit of our customers.
  • We have the necessary trade qualifications that you can rely on. 
  • Clients come first.

Contact us now. We look forward to talking with you about any carpentry work. We deliver quality service in commercial and residential spaces throughout the east coast of Australia.






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