How to Get a Good Gym Workout With a Personal Trainer

November 11, 2022

How to Get a Good Gym Workout With a Personal Trainer

If you're interested in getting a workout in the gym, a personal trainer is a great way to improve your overall fitness level. A personal trainer will provide you with a variety of exercises and a routine that is customized to your goals. Some trainers prefer to mix things up a bit and offer different variations of exercises, but others use more traditional exercises.

Exercises to include in a workout

When preparing a gym workout, it is vital to select exercises carefully and make sure that the exercises are scalable. Clients will get the greatest benefits from the primary exercises, but the weights, reps, and sets should be carefully calculated. A personal trainer can adjust the workout to meet a client's individual needs.

A personal trainer can help you choose the best exercises to include in your gym workout. Many of the most effective exercises incorporate compound movements, cardiovascular workouts, and mobility exercises. The personal trainer will also have a wide variety of exercises for varying fitness levels. It is best to begin slowly and work up to the more intense movements.

good gym excercises with personal trainer

As a general rule, strength and power exercises should be performed before hypertrophy or endurance exercises. This is because you can only improve the strength of a muscle when it is close to 100% readiness. When muscles are fatigued, they can only produce 70 to 80% of their potential force and will not induce a strength adaptation.


A personal trainer can be invaluable when it comes to improving your fitness. They should be able to tell you exactly what to do at the gym to reach your goals. Whether it is deadlifting, curling, or any other exercise, your personal trainer can help you improve your performance. During a session, you will usually start off with a solid warm-up and finish with some stretching and flexibility. They will also discuss your workouts and recommend exercises for your next session.

Rep range

During your training session, it's best to use the proper rep range. While a one-rep-max is the ultimate goal, you shouldn't limit yourself to it. If you want to build hypertrophy and strength, you need to work your way up to a higher rep range. In general, a 5-10 rep range is best. However, if you're working on specific muscle groups or just developing strength, you may want to try a lower RIR.

Good gym exercises with a personal trainer will vary their rep ranges to help you build up strength and endurance. A higher rep range will allow you to lift heavier weights and do more reps with a given weight. This prevents stagnation and promotes continued muscle growth. By varying the rep range, you can be sure that you'll be hitting your goal in a safe and effective manner.

Knowing the rep range of your clients is essential to designing a workout plan that maximizes results. Your client's goals should be achievable, so make sure that the workouts are appropriate for their experience level. Otherwise, they may feel like they're not working hard enough and quit before achieving any progress. When designing a workout routine, you should use the rep range as a starting point for tempo and set sizes.

While you may not see dramatic results overnight, a 3-6 rep range can lead to better strength development and muscle hypertrophy. This rep range is great for beginners and intermediates. For the best results, use exercises in the five-to-10 rep range.

Warm-up movements

One of the most crucial exercises you can do before starting an intense workout is warm-up movements. These movements help to get the muscles and joints prepared for the work to come. One of these exercises is the lateral sling stretch. This movement is a great way to improve the range of motion in your shoulders and prepare them for upper-body movements.

The warm-up segment of a personal training session should be progressive and should begin with basic movements and then progress to more advanced ones. These warm-ups may be general or specific depending on the client's goals. For instance, a general warm-up might include a series of body weight movements, jumping rope, or cycling. For specific clients, jogging on a treadmill can be a good choice. Jogging will raise the core temperature but will only activate the lower body.

A specific warm-up should also include breathing exercises. A proper nasal breath provides maximum oxygenated blood throughout the body, elevating performance. When combined with movement, this breathing technique can be very effective. Aside from improving your performance, it also has a spiritual and calming effect on your nervous system.

When performing your warm-up exercises in the gym, make sure that you do them slowly and thoroughly. Try four to five different movements, each lasting 30 to 60 seconds. Each exercise should target different body parts and work on each of them in turn.

Exercises to avoid

If you're a novice lifter, you should avoid deadlifts and squats. Instead, work out with a certified personal trainer who can guide you in the proper form. This will keep you from getting hurt. You should also avoid working out if you're sick. You could be exposed to bacteria and microbes that can damage your body, and you could even make your condition worse by overworking yourself.

There are many exercises that are good for your health, but they aren't suitable for every body type. For example, ab machines make it difficult for your abs to activate. You'll want to work out on a machine that activates your core muscles.

Apps that let you work out with a personal trainer

If you're looking to work out without the cost and time commitment of a gym membership, consider one of the many apps that will help you get into shape. Some apps offer personal trainers and videos; others are self-paced workouts. Body Pump is a good example. It allows you to customize your workouts with videos and audio. It also offers feedback on your form and allows you to discuss specific exercises with your coach.



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